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Review: Grab On Motorcycle Foam Grip Covers

I have heated grips on my BMW and as most grips do, they started showing wear. Replacing heated grips on my bike is no big deal if you have $800.00. I do not have that kind of cheese to spend on grips so, my buddy Dan suggested foam covers as he has them on his […]

Ram Mount X Grip Review

I picked up the X Grip phone holder by Ram Mount last year at Iron Pony in Columbus. I wanted a solution to hold a GPS unit or my phone on the Ducati. After riding with it for 6 months I have mixed opinions. I have only 2 real complaints. The first is that the […]

Nolan N-104 Helmet Review

Back in November I took a trip up to Iron Pony with Shannon. I needed nothing special but I ended up spending quite a bit of money on things I do not know how I lived without. One of the things I picked up was a new Helmet. I bought a Nolan N-104 helmet. Now […]

Timbuk2 Messenger Bag Review

I have been using my Timbuk2 messenger bag for a while now. I rodemy Ducati┬áto the grogery store tonight to buy dinner and used my bag and thought I would write my review of it. It is by far the best messenger type bag I have ever ridden with. It is absolutely the most durable […]

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