First real ride of 2016

Somehow it hit 60+ degrees in the third week of February. What do you do on a day like that? You ride. We decided to meet at the Dunlap Cafe for breakfast with the usual suspects. The route of the day was the 50 or so miles to Markland Dam.

We followed the Ohio River most of the way to Markland taking 50 & 56. A scenic and leisurely ride. We had a brief stop at the dam and headed a few minutes down the road to meet up with the Moto Guzzi group for a few drinks and a snack at The Sunset Grill in Warsaw, KY.

After a hour or so, we decided to ride to Rabbit Hash, a popular biker destination. Since the general store burned a couple weeks ago, we knew it was going to be crowded. I did not expect it to be what I can only describe as a “shit show”. It took 10 minutes just to make it through town & find a parking spot. That is insane considering the town is only a couple hundred yards long. The funniest part was the lady selling burnt pieces of the general store for 10 buck each next to the 30 yard dumpster full of debris from the fire.

After 15 minutes or so, we could not take the chaos and headed back to Cincinnati via Anderson Ferry. At this point most everyone had split off home. We decided to end the day at Arnold’s. An incredible day riding with good friends.

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