Fuel, Rabbit Hash & Belterra Park

Today was a picture perfect spring day. It started at the Cars & Coffee event that happens every Saturday at Fuel Coffee on Riverside Drive. A very respectable motorcycle crowd turned out. Starting to see more and more friends turn back up as the weather turns warmer.

After a few hours of talking about bikes, a few of us decided that we needed to ride to Rabbit Hash. If you have never been there and you ride, it is definitely worth the trip. It is a haven for bikers of all types every weekend. There is really no other place like it around. It seems like time had just stood still in that part of Kentucky. Just the fact that the mayor is a dog, should describe it. Here is the website to the general store.

The majority of the group decided to ride on to some restaurant by a petting zoo. As interesting as that sounded, Karen was itching to take her Vespa out. I rode back with Shannon & Cameron taking the Anderson Ferry route. Karen met me at my office on her ET4 we headed out.

First a stop at the river front for a walk along the Ohio River then a ride out Kellogg Avenue to Belterra Park (River Downs) for the buffet dinner. All I can say is that if they ever get table gaming out there, the Horseshoe Casino will be empty. The buffet kicked some serious ass! I am not sure if I am surprised or not that I ran into Skinne and his wife again at the outdoor slots.