Iron Pony & AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum

I decided to take the day off and decided to ride up to Columbus with Dan. Why Columbus? Well, there are two great motorcycle destinations located about 20 minutes from each other. The first is Iron Pony Motorsports. I am a huge fan of Iron Pony although, in my opinion, it has started to slip on the last few years. They seem to concentrate a little more on new motorcycle sales instead of accessories like they used to. Make sure you check out the clearance section as there are many deals to be had.

There are still many accessory deals to be had. I spent about $170 of things i did not know I needed. I bought 2 pairs of gloves, a tank bag for my BMW and other assorted odds & ends. I ended up spending less than I usually do so, that is a good thing and I got some things I wanted.

Next was lunch at Longhorn’s and made the short trip over to the AMA Motorcycle Hall Of Fame Museum in Westerville. This was my first time visiting the museum and it was amazing. There is something for every type of enthusiast. From actual racing leathers and bikes to big twins to bikes used in movies, you will find it all. I very much recommend visiting the museum.









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