Karma is a bitch Phil McCaleb and I am laughing and laughing at you

Well, poor Phil McCaleb is getting a taste of his own medicine. When he started ScooterWorks, he made it his mission to absolutely destroy every other scooter shop and spread lies about the owners. Think I am exaggerating? Ask anyone around in the early 90’s like Ron Hedlund (D.A.S.M.I. & Vespa of Chicago) or Scott & Judy Chain (ScooterVille). Unless your name was Randolf Gardner, Phil had no use for you and made it his life goal to screw you. I could not tell you how many scooter events that I would see Phil show up at and he NEVER rode a scooter. He would just sit around and talk shit about everyone else and tell everyone how great he is.

Recently, it seems like Phil could not get enough people to buy his rebadged scooters and people were buying parts from real scooter shops like Scooters Originali so he sought some outside financing. They took control of his company and they want him out. What the hell did you think was going to happen Phil? Are you really that stupid? What the hell do you think happens when companies seek venture capital? The venture capital companies take control of the board and the only goal they have is to sell the company. That is how they make their money.

Phil, you sir are truly a dumb ass. You are getting your just rewards for all the people you have fucked over the years. I have said this many times and I stand by my statement that Phil McCaleb has solely done more damage to the scooter scene than anyone else in the United States. I am now laughing in your face.

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