Maysville Ride in February

The first real warm day of 2016 is here. I decided to take the afternoon off and ride to Agusta with James. We headed out RT. 8 to the ferry around 2 in the afternoon. Great riding with little wind even though it was gusting up to 40 mph. We were protected by the trees on both sides of the road.

Arriving at the ferry, we were a bit frustrated as it was closed. Pondering what to do, we had the option to ride back to Cincinnati the way we just came or continue up 8 and take the bridge in Maysville. Of course we decided to ride on.

I have a friend in Maysville that has a collection of Victory Motorcycles and I thought it would be a chance to meet up with Don and grab a drink.

Well, coming off Rt. 8 and hitting the AA highway to Don’s house was one of the scarier riding experiences. We found the wind and I swear it was blowing harder than 40 mph. I hunkered down and made it to Don’s only to find he went to Portsmith for the day.

We stopped at O’Rourke’s for a couple drinks and some pizza bread then decided to head back on the Ohio side via 52. A little windy but, not as bad. One of my favorite places to stop for a smoke break is the rest stop in Point Pleasant. You can see President Grant’s birthplace from there.

Arrived back in Cincinnati in time for a beer and met Karen for dinner.

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