Porters Pinball Parlor

So, a new business opened up across the street from my office. It is called Porter’s Pinball Parlor. As you would imagine, it is a pinball arcade of sorts. I came down to Final Friday as I normally do with the kids. Violet likes going to the various shops and Monty just likes to go to my office. I stopped in MOTR for a quick beverage and gave Monty a buck to go over to Porters and play some pinball. He came back a few minutes later and said he was told he was not allowed in. Finding that hard to believe, as he had been there many times before, I took a stroll over and see what was up. Sure enough, I was told “No kids”.


Well, Porter’s Pinball Parlor, just a quick FYI… MOTR has a better pinball selection and they have no problem letting my kids play. Good luck paying your rent to Urban Sites when you will not let kids play your machines. I will never be back.