Review: Grab On Motorcycle Foam Grip Covers

I have heated grips on my BMW and as most grips do, they started showing wear. Replacing heated grips on my bike is no big deal if you have $800.00. I do not have that kind of cheese to spend on grips so, my buddy Dan suggested foam covers as he has them on his GS.

I stopped by Cadre Cycles and they had a set for under 15 bucks and Enzo, the owner, even put them on for me as they not the easiest to slide on. After a small bit of silicone spray, Enzo got them on in a few minutes.

They fit perfectly. Now the complete upside is that my factory grips are going to last much much longer. The downside is that took a week or so to get used to the grips having a larger diameter. After a couple weeks, I do not even notice them anymore. The only other downside is that it takes a little longer to feel the heat from the grips.

I would recommend them to anyone with heated grips as a way to prolong their life.



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