Tailgating and a ride to Maysville

What do you do when the temperature is in the 60’s in December? You ride! Karen & I decided to meet some friends down by the stadium for some Bengals pre-game tailgating. Brian served up a killer breakfast and everyone was having a killer time waiting for the Bengals vs. Steelers game.

Trying to decide where to go, I remembered my friend Don lived in Maysville, Kentucky. Maysville is a sleepy river town located roughly 60 miles up the Ohio River. Karen & I took Route 8 the entire way. It is a nice road as long as you are headed East. I do NOT recommend going West on 8. There are many places on that side of the road that have dipped and it is sketchy for even the most experienced rider.

After arriving at Don’s house, he gave us a tour of his excellent car & motorcycle collection. He broke out his Victory and we did a short ride around town and ended up at O’Rourke’s Pub for a cocktail. O’Rourke’s is you basic friendly neighborhood bar that for some reason want’s people to think it is an Irish pub but really isn’t. Maysville is so full of history that you could spend several days there and still not experience everything.

After a few cocktails, we crossed the river and headed back on 52. A brief stop at the old school rest stop across from Grant’s birthplace and we were home.

The route is pretty basic but, if you want to see it, check out the map below.




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