The near death of my Volvo

So as I was making a lane change on 74 East to head out to Jungle Jim’s for some groceries. All of a sudden some motherless piece of shit stopped in the middle of the expressway. Needless to say, my Volvo Cross Country met the guardrail. The upside is that the tow truck had a […]

Motorworks Chicago

On the excellent road trip with Shannon & Tim, we stopped on our way home at Motorworks Chicago. By far one of the coolest bike shops I have ever been in. Unlike most motorcycle shops that sell scooters as a sideline, these guys (and gals) actually promote the Vespa line as much as they do […]

Powersports Dealer Expo

Well, Tim Shannon & I went to the dealer expo. I have been going since it was in Cincinnati. I have only one word to describe it – DEAD. It is was by far the most pathetic trade show I have ever been to. Back when it was in Cincy & Indy, it would take […]

You never know who you will run into

While at¬†Chicago Dealer Expo enjoying the free beer happy hour, who else should I expect to see when there is free beer. Phil Waters of ClevelandMoto¬†and Pride of Cleveland scooters shows up. A good friend I have known for years. He has an excellent podcast. If you have not heard it, you should check it […]

Iron Pony

There are very few places that I get excited about going to. Iron Pony is one of them. They are located in Columbus, OH and if you ride, you can spend hours there. Their clearance section is crazy. Shannon did not need much convincing to take the afternoon off work so, we headed up. Picked […]

KTM Road Trip

So, Shannon woke me up at the crack of dawn and we went on a trip to pick up his new KTM. The bike was nothing less than a wheelie bike. I am pretty fearless but, when I was offered a chance to ride it, I politely declined. Watching how much torque this thing had […]

Cars & Coffee

There was an excellent turnout at Fuel Coffee this morning for Cars & Coffee. Saw a number of friends I have not seen in a while. I think people thought this was one of the last great riding days of the year.

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