I have compiled a list of what I consider essential items to carry while riding. This list is not complete. There are things like a battery cell phone fast charger. or a good flashlight that are good things to include. It does not matter if you are riding a twist n go or classic Vespa or Lambretta. Spending a few more dollars versus buying sub-par gear at someplace like Harbour Freight will pay for itself many times over. Any questions? Contact me! If you do not want the hassle of a side of the road repair, you have options. First is the American Motorcycle Association. They offer limited towing. The second is Geico.

I recommend these products:

In the event of a flat NEVER EVER use slime or Fix a Flat. Plug a tubeless or patch a tubed tire. Carrying a small inflator in your glove box can save your or a mates butt on the side of the road!

Safety gear is critical…Many scooterists practice the art of “BLOCKING” on group rides. If this is something you plan on doing, a safety vest is critical for visibility. First Aid kits are essential. The nice thing about a first aid kit is that you can add and subtract the contents to suit your needs. a rain poncho is a great dual purpose thing to have. It keeps you dry riding in the rain and gives you a clean surface to lay on in case of a repair

Tools are a basic essential thing to have. These tools will fit in your glove box. A small multi-function is the perfect tool for minor fixes.