Porters Pinball Parlor

So, a new business opened up across the street from my office. It is called Porter’s Pinball Parlor. As you would imagine, it is a pinball arcade of sorts. I came down to Final Friday as I normally do with the kids. Violet likes going to the various shops and Monty just likes to go […]

My new best friend

Meet my┬ácardiologist, Dr. James Kong. He is the guy that keeps me alive. I can not say enough good things about him and his staff. I just found out I have to back in to the hospital and go under the scapel. There is an issue with my ticker and they want to look at […]

Rally Calendar

I thought this was pretty cool. The guys over at ScooterRally.com made a rally calendar that sucked the info from Scoot.net and put it into a google calendar. Pretty cool idea.

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