Bell Bullitt Helmet review

In the world of motorcycle helmets, where technology and safety innovations often take the spotlight, the Bell Bullitt Helmet stands as a remarkable testament to the enduring appeal of classic design. With a nod to the past and an embrace of modern materials and technology, the Bell Bullitt Helmet offers riders a unique blend of style, nostalgia, and protection.

A Glimpse Back in Time:

The Bell Bullitt Helmet takes its inspiration from an iconic era of motorcycling, capturing the essence of the 1960s and 1970s when open-face helmets were the epitome of cool. The retro design pays homage to the helmets worn by the daredevils and adventurers of that time, evoking a sense of nostalgia for both seasoned riders and newcomers to the world of motorcycles.

Exuding Timeless Style:

One of the most captivating aspects of the Bullitt Helmet is its timeless style. Its rounded shape, low-profile design, and bubble shield combine to create a look that effortlessly bridges the gap between the past and the present. The helmet’s smooth contours not only harken back to classic aesthetics but also serve a practical purpose by reducing wind resistance and ensuring stability at higher speeds.

The Marriage of Tradition and Technology:

While the Bell Bullitt Helmet draws heavily from vintage influences, its construction is anything but antiquated. The outer shell is crafted from a composite blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass, a marriage of lightweight and durable materials that provide both strength and impact resistance. This blend ensures that riders can enjoy the nostalgic design without compromising on modern safety standards.

Inside the helmet, a multi-density EPS liner cradles the head and absorbs impact energy in the event of a collision. This combination of classic outer style and advanced inner safety makes the Bullitt Helmet a unique fusion of the old and the new.

Comfort and Functionality:

Beyond its aesthetic charm, the Bullitt Helmet offers a level of comfort and functionality befitting modern riders. The interior lining is designed for a snug fit and is easily removable and washable, ensuring a fresh and clean riding experience. Ventilation channels and exhaust ports are thoughtfully integrated into the design, promoting proper airflow and enhancing rider comfort during long rides or in warmer climates.

Personalization and Expression:

The Bell Bullitt Helmet understands that riders aren’t just looking for safety gear; they’re seeking a form of self-expression. With a variety of colors, finishes, and shield options, the Bullitt Helmet allows riders to customize their look while still embracing the iconic silhouette. From glossy black to vintage-inspired graphics, riders can tailor their helmet to match their personality and bike.


In a world where motorcycle helmets continually evolve to incorporate the latest safety technologies, the Bell Bullitt Helmet reminds us that sometimes, a touch of the past can be as relevant as ever. By marrying classic design with modern materials and functionality, the Bullitt Helmet captures the essence of what makes motorcycling so alluring: the feeling of freedom and the thrill of the open road. Whether you’re a rider who yearns for the golden age of motorcycles or someone who simply appreciates a timeless aesthetic, the Bell Bullitt Helmet invites you to step into the past while embracing the future.